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Community Resources

Domestic Violence - Victim Assistance

Douglas County Victim Assistance

1905 Harney Street, Suite 500 - (402) 444-4597: The Victim Assistance Unit staff guides victims through the criminal justice system, and offers supportive listening and agency referrals.  The unit also offers cases status information, assistance with filing for victim compensation, filing court forms, and other direct services.

Heartland Family Service - Domestic Violence Shelter and Services

Crisis Line - (402) 292-5888 or (800) 523-3666: Emergency shelter for women and children in need of immediate safety from intimate partner violence, stalking, or sexual assault.  The shelter can house up to 20 women and children.  Residents may stay at the shelter up to 2 years in order to stabilize their living situations.  Therapy, life skills training, financial counseling, support groups, criminal justice advocacy, and other programs are available.

Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition

245 S 84th St, Lincoln - (402) 476-6256: Provides information and referrals for domestic violence and sexual assault support programs statewide.

24 Hour Hotlines
1-877-215-0167 – Linea de Crisis en Nebraska (Statewide hotline in Spanish)
1-800-799-SAFE (7233) – National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-656-HOPE (4673)  – National Sexual Assault Hotline
1-866-331-9474 – National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
1-800-652-1999 – Nebraska Child Abuse and Vulnerable Adult Abuse Reporting Hotline

Open Door Mission - Women and Family Crisis Center

2705 North 20th Street East - (402) 829-1545 or (402) 422-1111: Emergency services for single women & families in need of immediate assistance. Food, shelter, clothing, and other basic needs are provided.  Case managers guide women & families through opportunities for life change – the first steps toward preventing future homelessness.  Special services provided for children, domestic violence, and family reunification. Walk-ins welcome.

Women's Center for Advancement - Advocacy

222 South 29th Street - (402) 345-6555 - 24 Hour English Hotline (402) 345-7273 - 24 Hour Spanish Hotline (402) 672-7118:  WCA advocates are people with whom you can talk about your domestic violence/sexual assault situation and ensure that the information is kept confidential.  They have the training and knowledge of resources needed to help guide you through the various systems you may encounter, such as: criminal justice, legal, medical, child protection and safety, and health and human services.  Advocates are first responders for victims of domestic violence/sexual assault at area hospitals and from law enforcement reports.  They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Elderly and Aging Services

City of Omaha - Handyman Repair Program

402-444-5153: The program is available to households who own and occupy their home. The applicant or the applicant’s spouse must be the at least 60, or is disabled and limited to a walker or wheelchair. The program is not available to households of City employees. Homeowners must pay for the repair on an ability-to-pay basis.

Connections Area Agency on Aging - Council Bluffs

300 West Broadway, Suite 240, Council Bluffs - 800-432-9209: Formerly Southwest 8 Senior Services.  Offers case management, information and assistance, housing options, referrals, senior centers, family and caregiver support, and advocacy for individuals age 60 and older in Iowa.

Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging

4223 Center Street - (402) 444-6444 or (888) 554-2711: Services and programs provided to help people remain independent and preserve dignity.  Programming includes case management services, home-delivered meals, housekeeping, personal care assistance, medical equipment not covered by Medicare, handyman services, respite, emergency response, nutrition counseling, food pantry, activities, employment services, and more.

Rebuild Together Omaha - Healthy at Home Emergency Repair Program

965-9201:  Emergency repairs for issues that cannot wait until the annual rebuilding day. Repairs include broken toilet and plumbing repairs, electrical emergencies, gas leaks, caving foundations, slip and fall hazards, and other serious problems requiring immediate attention. Services available to homeowners east of 52nd Street in Omaha who are elderly (age 62 and older) or permanently disable with limited income. Applications for assistance are available on the website.

Rebuild Together Omaha - Rebuilding Day Program

965-9201:  Annual program in which volunteers perform needed repairs and maintenance for homeowners east of 52nd Street in Omaha who are elderly (age 62 and older) or permanently disabled with limited income. Work includes but is not limited to painting, cleaning, and repairs to bathrooms, kitchens, porches, and stairs. Applications for assistance are available on the website.

Education - College Planning

Creighton Educational Opportunity Center

2002 Burt Street - (402) 280-3300: Assistance with entry and reentry into a 2 year or 4 year college, including application assistance, entrance exam preparation, financial aid application, and scholarship search.  The EOC is open Monday through Friday.  Walk-ins are accepted, but making an appointment is highly recommended.

EducationQuest Foundation

11031 Elm Street (Rockbrook Village, 108th and Center) - (402) 391-4033: Assistance with researching schools, exploring career options, looking for scholarships, completing and filing financial aid applications, and understanding student loans.  Call for an appointment or access information online at

Education - English as a Second Language (ESL)

Creighton Educational Opportunity Center

2002 Burt Street - (402) 280-3300: These ESL classes are 'open entry' throughout the year, providing instruction in English speaking, reading, writing and listening for adults who range in ability from absolute non-speakers of English to those who are nearly fluent. Courses are designed to help students acquire the language skills needed to function more effectively in their daily lives and the workplace. All classes are free of charge.

Latino Center of the Midlands

4821 South 24th Street - (402) 733-2720: Offers English as a Second Language to Spanish Speakers.

Emergency Financial Assistance

Bellevue Human Services - Emergency Assistance

204 West Mission Avenue - (402) 293-3138 or (402) 682-6602: Emergency assistance for Bellevue residents. Programs include emergency financial assistance, food pantry, specialized transportation, holiday assistance, and information and referrals. Specific criteria apply for each form of assistance. Call for information.

Douglas County General Assistance

1111 S 41st Street, Suite 220 - Intake and Referral Line (402) 444-6215: Financial assistance provided through this program may include rent, mortgage payments, board and room, utilities, food, clothing and non-food items.  Assistance is limited to those persons in Douglas County between the ages of nineteen and sixty-four who are not eligible for other public assistance and/or do not have sufficient income or resources to meet all or part of their shelter needs.  Eligibility is based on income and resources.  General Assistance payments are made directly to the landlord, and/or utility company.  Merchandise cards are provided to purchase non-food necessities at Dollar General Stores.

Douglas County Veterans' Service Office - Nebraska Veterans Aid Fund

Douglas County (402) 444-7180: Temporary emergency aid fund assists veterans, their spouses, and dependents when an unforeseen emergency occurs disrupting their normal method of living and when other resources are not immediately available for food, fuel, shelter, wearing apparel, funeral, medical and surgical items.  Applications must be made through the County Veterans Service Officer

Heartland Family Service - Emergency Services (Sarpy County)

302 American Parkway, Papillion - (402) 552-7073 or (402) 339-2544: Emergency assistance available for residents of Sarpy County for rent, utilities, and food.  This program works with Bellevue Human Services, ENCAP-Bellevue, and St. Vincent de Paul-Bellevue.  Individuals may only receive assistance once a year from one of these agencies.

Metropolitan Utilities District - Heat Aid Fund

(402) 898-5966: First contact the Nebraska Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).  If you do not qualify through LIHEAP, call to schedule an interview for assistance from the Heat Aid Fund.  Funds are distributed through The Salvation Army

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services - Low Income Energy Assistance Program

Douglas and Sarpy Counties 1313 Farnam Street - (402) 595-2880: The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides assistance with electricity, fuel oil, gas, coal, wood, kerosene, propane, or other fuel sources for low income individuals and families.  Assistance with heat payments and furnace purchace or repair is available for qualifying households from October 1 to March 31.  Cooling assistance including air conditioning purchase and repair and fans is offered for qualifying households from June 1 to August 31.  Payments are made directly to providers and are limited to one payment per year of no more than $500.  Emergency payments are only offered for during the heating season.  For assistance contact DHHS or apply online.