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Community Resources

Food - Pantries

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

2101 Leavenworth Street:  Pantry hours of operation are Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Individuals and families who visit the pantry may do so once every 60 days, or once every 30 days if they are disabled or over 60 years of age. Please bring a photo ID, a piece of mail from your current address no older than 30 days, and social security numbers for all household members participating in the Pantry. * If schools are closed due to snow, the Pantry WILL NOT BE OPEN.

Together, Inc.

812 South 24th Street- (402) 345-8047: Food pantry provides food to individuals and families in need.  Individuals and families may access the food pantry once every 30 days.  Social security card, photo identification, and a recent piece of mail are required.

Westside Church Food Pantry

15050 West Dodge Road - (402) 496-7833: Food pantry available for individuals and families within the church and the greater Omaha community.  Boxes include non-perishable food items and must be requested by calling for an appointment.  Boxes can be provided to each individual or family once every 3 months.

Housing - Emergency Shelters

Micah House

1415 Avenue J, Council Bluffs - 712-323-4416:  24 hour emergency homeless shelter for families and single women. Provides private rooms for families and group quarters for single females. Stay includes 3 meals a day, hygiene products, clothing, and other basic needs. Case managers will assist in setting and accomplishing goals and accessing resources in the community.

New Visions Homeless Services - Joshua House

1435 N 15th Street, Council Bluffs - (712) 256-3940: 24 hour emergency shelter for men in and around the Council Bluffs/Omaha area.  62 bed shelter sleeps up to 100 nightly.  Facility check in is from 4 PM to 6 PM daily.

Open Door Mission

Garland Thompson Men's Center: 2705 North 20th Street East - (402) 829-1545 or (402) 422-1111: The Garland Thompson Men's Center provides emergency services for men in need of immediate assistance. Food, shelter, clothing and other basic needs are provided and each man is offered an opportunity for life change through resource case management, which provides the first steps toward preventing future homelessness. Special services provided for Veterans.  Walk-ins accepted. 

Women and Families Crisis Center: 2705 North 20th Street East - (402) 829-1545 or (402) 422-1111: Emergency services for single women & families in need of immediate assistance. Food, shelter, clothing, and other basic needs are provided.  Case managers guide women & families through opportunities for life change – the first steps toward preventing future homelessness.  Special services provided for children, domestic violence, and family reunification. Walk-ins welcome. 

Lydia House: 2828 North 23rd Street East - (402) 829-1531 or (402) 422-1111: The Lydia House is an emergency and transitional shelter for women and families.  The Lydia House offers programming to address the causes of homelessness.  There is typically a waiting list, so walk-ins will be directed to the Women and Family Crisis Center.


Siena/Francis House

Men's Shelter: 1111 North 17th Street - (402) 341-1821: 222 bed emergency shelter for men age 19 and older.  Overnight check in begins at 4:30 PM daily.  Overnight guests must leave the shelter by 7 AM the next morning. 

Women's and Children's Shelter: 1702 Nicholas Street - (402) 341-1821: 40 bed emergency overnight shelter for women age 19 and older and women with children.

Stephen Center - Emergency Shelter

2723 Q Street - (402) 731-0238: The Emergency Shelter at Stephen Center is a sober shelter housing 20-25 children and their mothers, 40 single men, and 20 single women.  Must pass drug and alcohol screen upon entrance.

Housing - Homelessness Prevention and Services

Community Alliance

4001 Leavenworth Street - 341-5128:  Assistance for homeless men and women experiencing major mental illness. Community Alliance offers mobile outreach to find homeless individuals with mental illness in shelters and on the street, emergency assistance with food, shelter, and clothing, Mental health services and medications, and access to community service agencies.

Family Housing Advisory Services, Inc.

Main Office - 2401 Lake Street - 934-7921 South Office - 3605 Q Street - 546-1013 Council Bluffs Office - 10 S 4th Street - (712) 322-4436: Homelessness Prevention Program: helps individuals maintain current housing or seek other housing options to prevent homelessness. FHAS effectively addresses the challenge of homelessness, working directly with homeless persons and local shelters, providing assessment, case management, budget counseling, housing rental and subsidy information to move homeless persons from hopelessness and despair to permanent housing and greater self-determination. 

Homesearch Program: helps homeless individuals and families locate permanent housing and move toward self-sufficiency.

Heartland Family Service


OMAHA: 6720 North 30th Street

  • Heartland Housing Opportunities: (402) 457-7770: provides assistance to rapidly re-house persons who are experiencing homelessness. Temporary financial assistance (1-12 months) and supportive services are provided. Resources are targeted and prioritized to serve households that are most in need of this temporary assistance and are most likely to achieve stable housing after the assistance concludes. To be eligible, applicants must reside in Douglas or Sarpy counties in Nebraska, or Pottawattamie County in Iowa AND be literally homeless. 
  • Heartland Housing Solutions: (402) 457-7770 or (402) 451-6244: Provides permanent supportive housing for individuals and families (preference given to families) who have a disability and are experiencing homelessness. To be eligible individuals must be homeless and have a long-term disabling condition.

COUNCIL BLUFFS: 1515 Avenue J, Council Bluffs

  • Pottawattamie County Homeless Link: (712) 309-0016: Provides outreach, referrals and services to homeless and near-homeless individuals in the Council Bluffs area. Onetime financial assistance, Short-Term Transitional Housing, and material donations are also available.  To access services, individuals must reside in Pottawattamie County and be literally homeless or at imminent risk of being homeless.
  • Short Term Transitional Housing: (712) 309-0016 or (712) 435-5350: Provides temporary housing assistance (1-6 months) and support services to individuals who are experiencing homelessness.  To be eligible, individuals must be homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness. 
  • Heartland Homes: (712) 309-0016 or (712) 435-5350: Provides permanent supportive housing for individuals and families who have a disability and are experiencing homelessness. To be eligible, individuals must be homeless and have a long-term disabling condition.
  • Transitions: (712) 309-0016 or (712) 329-8900: Provides temporary housing and supportive services (up to two years) for individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness. To be eligible individuals must be literally homeless and motivated to participate in programming.
Nebraska Aids Project: Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA)

250 South 77th Street, Suite A - (402) 552-9260: Assistance with housing , medical care, behavioral health services, transportation, and other support sevices available for homeless persons living with HIV/AIDS who qualify as low income. and

New Visions Homeless Services - David's House

1425 North 18th Street - (402) 505-3523: Permanent supportive housing for single men and single women.  Must be willing to work toward a sober lifestyle and be currently homeless.

Salvation Army HOME Program

3612 Cuming Street - (402) 898-5980 or (402) 898-7521: permanent supportive housing program serving persons that are homeless and have a documented disability.  Program participants live in an apartment in the community and pay 30% of their adjusted gross income toward rent and the HOME program pays the balance.  Assistance may be offered in paying monthly utility fees.  The program also provides case management, information and referrals to community resources, individualized service planning, crisis support and intervention, budgeting and money management, credit and debt counseling, and 24-hour staff accessibility.

Salvation Army VA Housing Opportunities Program (VA-HOP)

3612 Cuming Street - (402) 898-5983: assists homeless veterans and their families that are at a very high risk of homelessness.  Community-based housing is provided for an average of 9-12 months.  Care is given in the areas of employment assistance, intensive case management, 3 months aftercare, substance abuse and mental health screening, referrals to community resources, permanent housing upon successful completion of program.

Siena/Francis House - Day Services Center

1624 Nicholas Street - (402) 341-1821: The Day Services Center provides services to homeless individuals and families or connects them to other organizations for services including, affordable and appropriate housing, employment and education opportunities, money management, veterans services, domestic violence counseling, addiction counseling, mental health treatment, medical care, general assistance, and identification.

Housing - Renting and Buying

Family Housing Advisory Services, Inc. - Home Ownership Program

Main Office - 2401 Lake Street - 934-7921 South Office - 3605 Q Street - 546-1013 Council Bluffs Office - 10 S 4th Street - (712) 322-4436: The Pre-Purchase Program has helped hundreds of people realize the dream of homeownership. Our services include, but are not limited to, Pre-Purchase Education, Individual Housing Counseling, Budget Counseling, and Post-Purchase Counseling.

In the Pre-Purchase workshop, you learn about becoming a homeowner, gain confidence about the process, and understand maintaining your home. We cover the above topics in the workshop and/or one-on-one counseling.

Holy Name Housing Corporation

3014 North 45th Street - (402) 453-6100: Holy Name Housing Corporation works within the North Omaha community, renovating old homes and building new homes. Their ultimate goal is to enable low and moderate income families to become homeowners, resulting in well-maintained neighborhoods with residents who are invested in the area and involved in the community.  To help ease the transition from renting to owning, they offer assistance in qualifying for a loan as well as counseling services and classes that focus on the importance of budgeting and home maintenance.  While good credit is needed to purchase a home, Holy Name has programs to help if credit is a problem.  They also have rental homes available for people who are working toward home ownership but need time to save money. - Affordable Housing Listings

(877) 428-8844 or online: The service allows Nebraskans to locate available housing that best fits their needs either through the web site or via a toll-free number. Individuals will be able to easily search for housing using a wide variety of search criteria, access other helpful websites, as well as tools for renters, including an affordability calculator, a rental checklist, and renter rights and responsibilities information. www.Housing.NE.Gov will also provide information on supportive services throughout the State, especially those services linked to housing needs.

Mercy Housing

(Main Office) 7241 Edna Court, La Vista - (402) 331-4428: Mercy Housing Midwest provides safe, affordable housing to more than 1,441 low- to moderate-income families, seniors and people with special needs. With 11 properties throughout Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska, Mercy Housing Midwest also provides services and programs that give residents a stable foundation to achieve their dreams.  Each property has its own leasing office, application process, and qualification criteria.   Applications from individuals with criminal records will be considered on a case by case basis.  Apartment Listings available at